Four Signs That You Need a Tall Glass of Iced Water

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With the heat index hitting the 40s (that’s hotter than a human being!), keeping cool is extremely important, especially when you’re going on family outings or road trips with your friends. But with all the anticipated fun and activity, it’s easy to miss the simple signs that you might be overheating. Like the way you would watch a meter on your car, you can watch out for subtle signs about your own water levels.


 A headache could be because of many things, but in this heat, you might find that drinking a cold glass of water would eliminate it. Same goes for dizziness and lightheadedness. Before you reach for ibuprofen, finish off a tall glass of iced water.


 If you find that your breath has gone the way of the funky, and you haven’t had any garlics or onions—you might be needing hydration. It usually means that you’re not producing enough saliva, so drink water frequently even if you’re just at your desk working.


Your daily candy habit may not be just about a sweet tooth, it could also mean that you need to drink more water. Before you go for a donut run or sneak a chocolate bar, down a whole glass of water. The cravings might lessen. Especially since eating most processed sugars just makes you want to eat even more sugar.


Sweat is the your body’s natural way of cooling itself. But if you’re low on H2O, your body will just keep getting hotter even to the point of turning red. This is actually a sign that you need water and fast.

Dehydration and overheating can definitely become serious, so better to prevent it from happening. Make sure to have  enough water with you especially on your planned trips. And though ice might be available at the corner store, it would be more convenient to make some yourself.

With the Tylr Home Portable Ice Maker, all you need is a working outlet, water and 15 minutes and you could be enjoying ice cold water, juice, soda or cocktails while enjoying your vacation. It’s also great to have an ice maker at home; why not relax and refresh yourself throughout long, hot summer day?


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