2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

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Untethered power: 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner

Get the convenience of a handheld vacuum and the power of a stick vacuum cleaner in one versatile product. Its powerful cyclonic High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration system captures dust and dirt even in hard-to-reach places. Made cordless for convenience, it’s also ergonomically designed for user comfort, with LED headlights to illuminate the target cleaning area.

Done vacuuming? Store it upright and compact with its patented foldable handle, and disassemble the dust cup, filter and brush scroll easily for cleaning. With its longer battery life and shorter charging time, the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is always ready for another round of dust-busting.


  • Lithium 18V 2000mAh battery
  • Two speed settings
  • Patented foldable handle for convenient storage 
  • 2-in-1 design gives you versatility of a hand vac with the power of a stick vac
  • Motorized brush bar
  • Main body can be stored upright 
  • Cyclonic HEPA filtration system
  • Dust cup, filter and brush scroll bar are easy to disassemble and clean
  • Ergonomic design
  • With LED headlights to illuminate area being cleaned
  • With battery power level indicator
  • Longer battery life and shorter charging time






1 x Charging Dock
1 x AC Charger
2 x Screws
1 x Suction Tube
1 x Brush
1 x Brush Scroll Bar
1 x Dust Cup
1 x Filter
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
Model No.
Rated Power:
105 Watts
Battery Type:
6 pcs. LG Lithium 2000mAh
Input 220-240V ~60HZ
Output 27V 500mA
Charge Time:
4-6 hours
Running Time (high Speed level):
≥ 22 mins. (high speed)
≥ 60 mins. (low speed)
≥ 23 mins. (handheld)
Max. Vacuum(Handy):
≥ 4.5 Kpa (handheld) ≥ 3.5 Kpa (stick)
Dust Bin Capacity:
Gross Weight:
4.0 kg
Net Weight:
Item Dimensions: 116 x 27.3 x 16.2 cm Packaging Dimensions:  4.2 x 16 x 63 cm

Product specifications and data are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design.

Instruction Manual Download here



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Tylr 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Nice, it helps a lot since a dont need to bend to reach inner part of the floor with furniture 🥰




2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner


Very handy tyler vacume.but did not receive my free filter.


Love my Tyler vacuum! So easy to use! 😊

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