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Baumann Living Marketing
2712 Kimball Avenue
Pomona, CA, USA
Basco Living Limited

Room A, 21/F, Golden Industrial Bldg.
35-41 TaiLinPai Road
Kwai Chung


Baumann Living Lifestyle Studio
Unit S01, 2F Northeast Square, 47 Connecticut St.,
Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

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Home and Kitchen Appliances

Tylr doesn’t just produce it innovates. It creates high-functionality products that fit a modern lifestyle in amazingly better ways. Each carefully developed feature makes task effortless.

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Kitchen Tools and Appliances

For sheer pleasure of cooking. Baumann Living Kitchenware and Appliances are designed to intuit the needs of the home chef - practicality, simplicity, versati.

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Inspired by Adventure

From the founders of Tepui, the leader in roof top tents, comes Hitchfire! Inspired by adventure, road trips, and the love of the outdoors, HitchFire leads a new category in hitch-based accessories. Based out of Santa Cruz, CA, HitchFire is pioneering Adventure Grilling™ from coastal getaways, to the mountain escapes, and everything in between.

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