Indoor & Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Indoor & Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord
Indoor & Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord

Indoor & Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord

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Feeling encumbered by limited power cords? Extend your reach by up to 50 feet with Tylr’s Heavy Duty Extension Cord. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, the cord is double insulated against moisture, abrasion and sunlight, and reinforced to protect against accidental bending or breakage. As an added feature, indicator lights help you find the plug and connector even in dark conditions – perfect for some late evening yard work. The tough-built Tylr Extension Cord gives you freedom to move – indoors and outdoors, daytime or nighttime, in any weather condition.


  • All-purpose extension cord forindoor and outdoor use; great for gardening,landscaping or powering anyhousehold appliance
  • Plug and connector lights up to indicatewhen power is on, making it easy to finding the dark or low light
  • 14-gauge double insulated heavy-duty SJTW cord with flexible vinyl covering protectscord against moisture, abrasion and sunlight
  • 3-pronged solid molded plug withreinforced blades prevents accidentalbending or breaking
  • Color: Yellow



Model No.
Rated Voltage:
220V 15A
Rated Power:
Gross Weight:
2.26 kg
Net Weight:
2.2 kg
Box Dimensions:
23 x 23 x 9.0 cm
Item Dimensions:
50 feet

Product specifications and data are subject to change without prior notice to improve reliability, function or design.




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