Breathe Easy this Allergy Season

Tylr Home Air purifier allergy

Breathe Easy this Allergy Season

It comes slowly, the rain. From sweltering sunny morning to afternoon showers, the day is a mess of humidity. And with all this moisture in the air, it becomes allergy and asthma season for many people. It’s time to double down on using the air purifier for its many benefits and the vacuum cleaner to help ease the sniffles caused by pesky allergens.

Here are some tips on alleviating both seasonal and round-the-clock allergies:

  1. Make sure invest in a good air purifier: It’s not only about sweet-smelling rooms, but the fresh scent of cleanliness. Your essential oil burners will not work as well, unless you make sure to filter the air first.
  2. Find a purifier with a real HEPA filter: Now is not the time to be thrifty, get the genuine filter with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration technology—it can trap 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores and household odors.
  3. Go the extra mile for anything that eliminates bacteria: Some smart air purifiers have a built-in UV lamp to get rid of airborne bacteria.
  4. Change beddings and pillow cases frequently: Make sure to launder them in warm water to minimize irritation.
  5. Remember the curtains: Schedule regular washing of curtains, they’re frequently forgotten traps of dust.
  6. Bring out that vacuum cleaner: Even if you only have one rug, or one carpeted room in the house, make sure to vacuum it regularly. You may feel the difference almost instantly, especially if it’s a room that gets a lot of foot traffic (especially from four-legged residents) or is exposed to a lot of dust.
  7. Reduce the clutter: Not only will it keep the room neat, but there will be less surfaces for dust to gather.

Begin with the most essential piece of keeping allergies at bay—the air purifier. Tylr Home has air purifiers which have true HEPA filters to help mitigate symptoms of the sneezies and the itchies brought on by airborne particles.

The Tylr Home Smart Air Purifier is not only a quiet, durable t and effective air purifier, it is also a design gem that can blend well with your modern interiors. With a built-in UV-C light to minimize the germs, viruses, bacteria and mold in the air, it also has a convenient air quality indicator. It’s the best air purifier for allergens in the Philippines.

You can also opt for the Tylr Home Air Purifier which is straightforward and effective. A true HEPA filter traps all the nasty particles in the air, and helps lessen symptoms of allergies.

Breathe easy (pun intended,) that the incoming monsoon season will not be marred by pesky allergies.

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