The One Choice You Have to Make To Make Housework Easy

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The One Choice You Have to Make To Make Housework Easy

Housework is a domestic bane, utterly tedious and urgent at the same time. Except when you’re running away from deadlines or need to de-stress from an emotional upheaval. And then housework becomes a ritual that you appreciate, every mindless scrub, every careful stroke of the iron becomes mindfulness. But on a regular day, it doesn’t really have to be so difficult.

Like in most things, it’s not about doing more housework (or avoiding doing household chores,) but doing them smarter. There are no hard and fast rules for housework, except that you have to get them done. Here are our best attempts to do it better.


1.  Find the right tool.

A sharp knife is essential in the kitchen. It is easy to cook more evenly when your cubed vegetables are of the relatively the same size, and food just looks better when it is cut with precision. And for that, you need a sharp knife. So spend on a good one and then invest in a good sharpener like Tylr Home’s Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener. It’ll definitely last you longer and will be worth the initial investment. Especially when you realize that it is safer to work with a sharp knife, a butcher tells us why.

And knives are one of the great stalwarts of a well-used kitchen. Like cast-iron pans, they are meant to last because they can be repaired or sharpened. Just like this knife from an infamous internet video.


2. For tasks you hate, find an alternative.

If there’s one thing we would definitely pay other people to do, it would be ironing. There’s something about the task that is just murder on the back. What we recommend is that you invest in the Tylr Home Digital Garment Steamer. You get rid of the parts that you hate, but you get professional steaming for your clothes at home. Added plus is that it is great for all fabrics, from extremely delicate ones to the tougher weaves.


3.  Share the load.

If you live with a roommate or with family, make sure that the housework is equally distributed. It teaches children discipline and to take care of their things, and it is proven that marriages and relationships where the house work is shared. But if you live alone, share the load with the right tools. Time will always prove to be more precious than money. Like a Sous Vide Precision Cooker will mean that you get great meals every time, even as you were resting after a long day or getting in a workout or even other chores. Or a portable ice maker when you have company over, more time to mingle and you’re sure to keep people full of ice-cold refreshments.

Housework doesn’t have to be difficult, it just has to get done. So be smart about it.

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