This Cooking Trend Could Be Your Next Kitchen Staple

Tylr Home chef sous vide steak

This Cooking Trend Could Be Your Next Kitchen Staple

No longer in the monopoly of restaurant kitchen or hardcore iron chefs, sous vide is a cooking technique that you can now try at home. Sous vide translates to under vacuum,  a cooking technique that involves immersing vacuum sealed meat and vegetables in water kept at a consistent temperature.  Imagine delicious, tender meat, fish, chicken even vegetables cooked perfectly to the right temperature every single time! And without having to watch the pot constantly so you have time to whip a fabulous dessert.

And now that the school year has started, you can still have great dishes even with busier days. With the Tylr Home Sous Vide Precision Cooker, all you have to do is pick the right ingredients. We’ve scoured the internet for the perfect dishes to try with your new precision cooker, and we’re sure that it’s going to be one of your favorite kitchen tools!

In the Mood for Steak

Because the temperature remains constant, you can ensure that your pricey cut retains its deliciousness through and through. You can also tenderize a tougher and more flavorful piece of meat. All you have to do is season properly and seal with your Tylr Home Vacuum Sealer. Regardless of the price, you’re going to enjoy your red meat.

We just recommend that you prepare a cast iron pan (the steak lovers secret weapon!) to sear in the flavor after the sous vide. We love Serious Eats’  guide to perfect Sous Vide steak.

Fish Tales

For all the right health reasons, fish is king.  But when you’re just learning how to cook, fish is incredibly intimidating. Like in most things, timing is everything and in this case, it’ll determine the fine line between rubbery fish and dry, inedible flakes. Either way is heartbreaking especially when you’re dealing with incredible salmon. But if you try Bon Appetit’s Sous Vide Salmon Dill, we think you’ll feel like a winner.

Eggs are so Egg-sacting

It is no wonder that a chef’s toque is supposedly a commemoration of the 101 things a proper chef must know to do with an egg. Because as much as the ingredient may be incredibly ubiquitous, it is also very unforgiving. Like for example, the incredible Eggs Benedict. Poaching an egg is no joke, but with the constant temperature of the Tylr Home Sous Vide Precision Cooker, you can laugh your fear away. Try Tasty’s Sous Vide Eggs Benedict Brunch.

You must be itching to start cooking, but we do recommend that you try it with vegetables and with desserts. Invite us over for dinner, why don’t you?

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