Don’t Let the Darkness Stop You

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It’s easy to imagine being outdoorsy when you think of crisp Sunday mornings to hike or dappled sunny afternoons exploring a forest. But when you want to catch a mountaintop sunrise or catch falling stars from the beach, you might think twice because of the inconvenience and even the dangers of the night. Unless you have a reliable, ready-for-anything rechargeable light.


Race you to the Sunrise

When you’re climbing a mountain, everything you carry has to be of use. Even if it is just to catch the incredible sea of cloud at first light. Sometimes you just have to set out in the dark, which you can definitely do with the Tylr Home USB LED Rechargeable Lantern. It’ll keep you safe while you’re hiking, and with its 10-hour capacity, you’ll still have a lot of power leftover when your eyes adjust to the morning sun.

Sometimes the Rain Will Fall

Most people would welcome a soft drizzle on a long hike or even at the moonlit beach, it’ll cool the air. Except probably if you’re relying on torches to light your way back. With its waterproof casing, you have a constant companion for any weather. Though you really also shouldn’t be out during a storm.

Braving the Typhoon

Except when you have to check on a power situation or make sure that everything is ready for the coming onslaught of bad weather. This is especially tricky at night, but when you have a reliable light source to bring with you (a foldable built-in hanger is definitely convenient)—you can be sure to see what you have to do.

Work Site Companion

This makes it a great companion even on work sites where there are various dark corners that the makeshift lighting can’t necessarily reach. And with an anti-slip rubberized base, you know that it’s going to be constant while you discuss plans or go over details that can’t be missed.

Whether on a camping trip, a construction site or a small emergency, you can rely on the Tylr Home Rechargeable Lamp to help you enjoy the great outdoors and see what must not be missed.

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